I love my lashes from Spa Ronelle!

Lashes envy…lol. Is there such a thing? Yup – that was me before getting my lashes from Spa Ronelle!

I’m the only sibling in my family to have no lashes. Both of my brothers have long (beautiful) lashes. My hubby and our two children all have long and luscious lashes. I can’t even blame my lack of natural lashes on being Chinese because I know plenty of Asians who have gorgeous long eyelashes! Lol – mine are so naturally short that even mascara can’t help me because I end up looking like Alice Cooper give or take an hour or two (…or is that because I am also blessed with naturally oily skin…)

Anyway, it wasn’t until my friend, Maissa Houri, told me about her lashes from Spa Ronelle that I started thinking…. maybe that’s something that I could consider too! (Check her out in the photos below – photos taken by R. Raphael. That’s her with a set of the 3D Volume lashes!)

Before committing to anything, I first checked out Spa Ronelle’s Instagram page because I had to be sure this is something I wanted to invest in. Let me tell you, I was very impressed with the pictures I saw! Next, I checked out the Spa Ronelle website, and while the prices didn’t come as a surprise to me (because of my previous discussions with Maissa), what did come as a predicament for me was which set of lashes to choose. What would look most natural? I mean, no doubt people would end up noticing – going from no lashes to having lashes – but which one would be the most subtle so I wouldn’t have to worry about standing out too much and shocking people with the change…

When it comes to beautifying myself – yeah, I’m no pro. I don’t wear a lot of makeup because I have oily (T-formation) sensitive skin that loves to break out – even whilst using the hypoallergenic stuff, and I’m not into caking layers of makeup on my face either. The only thing I tend to put on, generally, is moisturizer and lipstick, and I have thankfully found a liquid lipstick by NARS (Powermatte Lip Pigment, American Woman) which I absolutely love; the colour goes with my skin (no matter how light or suntanned I get).

So, as I’m looking at all of the different options for lashes, I decide the safest option is for me to go with is the Classic set, and I booked my appointment online.

Amilia Arial is the owner of Spa Ronelle. Shortly after booking my appointment online, I received an email confirming my appointment (date, time, location and cost). I’m feeling pretty good at this point!

Then came the day and I started to feel nervous. As I was driving to my appointment, so many ridiculous what-ifs were running through my head. Silly me. I had nothing to worry about. Amilia, an absolute sweetheart, greeted me at the door, and her smile, together with her warm and friendly personality, gave me a sense of calm. I explained my quandary – particularly since it was my first time getting lashes done – that while I looked forward to the change, I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself. I asked whether it would be possible to trim the Classic lashes so that I could ease myself (and others around me) into the change. Yup! “Not a problem at all,” she said.

As you can see from the picture (bottom left), my first set of lashes were very subtle and natural looking. Equally so was my refill, 3-4 weeks later (bottom right), when I built up the courage to go a little longer with the length.

The lashes made me feel pretty and feminine! I’m not sure how to quite put it into words… I mean, I knew the lashes would add something to my look, but I didn’t anticipate that the lashes would also positively affect my confidence and self-esteem! I received so many compliments from family and friends, and yes, hubby loved them too! The most satisfying for me was hearing that they knew something was different about me, but that they just couldn’t place what that was; or that they loved the new mascara I was using, and that gave me the segway to say that it wasn’t mascara… it was my new lashes!

I love the conversations I have with Amilia as she’s putting on my lashes! I also love the calm, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of her salon. She’s so skilled and gentle in the art, and I can’t thank her enough for being so patient with me as we have journeyed from the Classic lashes to the Classic Flat refills to the 2D Volume set (right) which I just got as a refill the other day! I seriously love how they make me look! I loved hearing my hubby telling me that they look sexy – he really is very good to me (with and without the lashes)!

Taking care of the lashes, generally, took some getting used to at first, but it’s all second nature now:

  • as someone who used to have a habit of eye rubbing, I had to cut that out – advice that my optometrist has recommended that I avoid anyway
  • I brush the lashes everyday (using the eyelash wand that comes with each session) – it’s supposed to be done twice a day, but let’s be honest, I only do it once in the morning
  • I avoid getting the lashes wet as much as I can
  • I also avoid putting products on them (e.g., mascara) – this was never a real issue for me because who likes looking like a racoon anyway

I think I’ve reached my limit with the 2D Volume lashes. Kudos to those who are brave enough to get the 3D Volume, Glam Volume or Mega Volume sets!

No Compensation Received

If you’re wondering whether I received any financial compensation for writing this article – the answer is no. If you’re wondering whose idea it was for me to write this article – the answer is me. This is my first article under my “Recommendations” section, and I am going to write other articles too about products and services I highly recommend.

Refer a Friend

Is it possible for me to receive any compensation for this blog posting – potentially. Just like everyone else who refers a friend, Spa Ronelle currently offers a “Refer a Friend” promotion:

When you refer a friend to Spa Ronelle, receive $10 off your next service!
*Referral must acquire a service in order to validate the promotion.*



If you’re interested in getting lashes done, I highly recommend giving Amilia and Spa Ronelle a try. I’m definitely hooked, and I am truly thankful to Amilia for her friendly, professional and wonderful customer service!

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