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Christine Mao

Actor, Voice Over Talent, Singer and Producer

Category / Saunders Farm – Haunting Season

It’s Haunting Season – I’m Waiting for You…

Staring into the darkness has a whole new meaning during the haunting season.  Can you see what’s waiting for you?  Do you know who is watching you from within the darkness?  Do you really want to know? Haunting with fellow Cast and Crew at Saunders Farm has been a truly incredible experience.  The dedication and creativity […]

Working With a Live Audience – I Dare You…

Welcome to the Barn of Terror.  Are you ready to be scared?  Everyone who enters has permission to scream at the top of their lungs if they feel scared.  If you’re not scared enough the first time you come through, I challenge you to come back again. This is how I greeted people today, as I […]