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Christine Mao

Actor, Voice Over Talent, Singer and Producer

Category / Posts – 2013

The Best Laid Plans – Coming Soon to CBC!

I love making people laugh, and I had the great pleasure of doing so on the set of The Best Laid Plans, Episode 5 (Going Brogue). Based on author Terry Fallis’ award-winning novel of the same name and 2011 Canada Reads winner, THE BEST LAID PLANS, is a humorous and satirical journey into the world of […]

It’s Haunting Season – I’m Waiting for You…

Staring into the darkness has a whole new meaning during the haunting season.  Can you see what’s waiting for you?  Do you know who is watching you from within the darkness?  Do you really want to know? Haunting with fellow Cast and Crew at Saunders Farm has been a truly incredible experience.  The dedication and creativity […]

Working With a Live Audience – I Dare You…

Welcome to the Barn of Terror.  Are you ready to be scared?  Everyone who enters has permission to scream at the top of their lungs if they feel scared.  If you’re not scared enough the first time you come through, I challenge you to come back again. This is how I greeted people today, as I […]

Saying Goodbye….

In a perfect world – budgetary issues wouldn’t exist.  People and businesses could just exist and do and be without having to worry about whether there is enough money to make ends meet.  Until then, however, we will have to continue to experience sorrow and heartache from time to time.  Such has been the case with our volunteer experience at […]

Partnering with Brian Lutes to Direct, “Prisoners of Time”

I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Brian Lutes – a man whose heart and soul is truly filled with artistic visions.  We have partnered together to direct his current indie feature length film, Prisoners of Time. While some scenes will be filmed in Toronto and the United States, this film […]

Airing August 20, 2013 – YTV’s Zoink’d, Season 2, Episode 22

You’ve seen bits and pieces of our performance in the intro to Season 2 of YTV’s Zoink’d.  You’ve been patiently waiting to see what our act is all about.  Well, the wait is finally over!  According to MSN’s Episode Guide for Zoink’d, our act as “the Stomping Moms” will finally air on August 20, 2013, in their 22nd episode of Season 2! […]

Shattered Love Update #2

A number of changes have happened since I first expressed an interest in supporting this short film, Shattered Love.  It’s great to see that Mackenzie Mason is still starring as, “LEAH”; and since my last update, I’m happy to see that James Newman and Penny Orloff have also joined the cast as “NORMAN” and “OLDER LEAH”, respectively. […]

World Pavilion – A Danielle D. Washam Production

How do you depict “Culture in a Digital World”?  This is the Catch (that is, the challenge) presented to filmmakers by the Spring 2013 Digi60 Ottawa Filmmakers’ Festival. Digi60 challenges filmmakers to write and shoot a short digital film in 60 days based around a “catch”.  … Filmmakers are required to work with various creative groups in […]

I’m your Volunteer Broadcaster Christine Mao

Along with <insert name>, I’m your Volunteer Broadcaster Christine Mao.  Thanks for listening to AMI-audio. Long gone are the days when we get to include our names with the articles that we read, but not to worry.  If you’re interested in hearing the articles that I read, you can find them by visiting the AMI […]

Reading the News One Article At A Time

I love Fridays!  Not only do Fridays signify that the weekend is on the horizon… Fridays also bring a smile to my face because that’s the day I get to take a break in my day and have some fun in the recording studio at AMI-audio. You can find my articles by selecting the Ontario Eastern location.  The […]

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