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Christine Mao

Actor, Voice Over Talent, Singer and Producer

Category / Posts – 2012

Lonsdale Smith Studios and A.C.T. present Mrs. Dally Has A Lover

Directed by Claudia Jurt, Lonsdale Smith Studios and A.C.T. present:   Daniel Krantz and Genevieve Sirois in Mrs. Dally Has a Lover Written by William Hanley January 3-12, 2013 94B Montreal Road, Ottawa   This presentation is a fundraising event for ROSY & DAVID, a screenplay written by Dany Lapointe and Claudia Jurt – scheduled to be filmed in […]

The Googolplex – Original Artwork by Darren Bird

I am “The Voice” of The Googolplex.  I anxiously await the 2013 release of this animated short by Darren Bird.  If you are interested in seeing more of Darren’s art work, please be sure to check out his website (, as well as his blog (

Chatting with Derick Fage and Lois Lee on Daytime Ottawa

It’s not every day that you get to appear on a morning show, and so when the opportunity presented itself, fellow actors, Joyce Rivera, Véronique Nolin and I, all happily said yes. Daytime is like Ottawa’s version of Regis and Kelly.  Derick Fage and Lois Lee, the hosts of the show, are friendly and fun, they love to […]

The Boogerball – Written by Tom Jardine

There’s something to be said about someone who is willing to follow their dreams and live life to its fullest.  Their ambition is driven by a vision of what lies ahead, and at their very core is a heart brimming with creativity – just yearning to heard. I have had the pleasure of knowing Thomas […]

We’re part of the intro for YTV’s Zoink’d!

Did you watch the premiere episode of YTV’s Zoink’d second season last night?  A snippet of our act is included in the intro for the show!  Keep your eyes open for our act in the episodes to come.  Once it airs, I’ll share with you some of the details from our experience.  Cheers!

The Stranger – A Vincent Valentino Film

What would it be like if God and the Devil reunited?  The story unfolds in The Stranger, a Vincent Valentino film – one of the entries in the 2012 Digi60 Filmmaker’s Festival. I had the pleasure of taking part in this short film back in late October, and you’ll have to watch the short film […]

Volunteering at AMI-audio with Gail Gaffney

Have you ever met someone and thought – I love the sound of your voice!  Your voice should be on the radio!  Well, I had the pleasure of meeting and reading the Ottawa Local News with Gail Gaffney on Friday, November 9th.  Gail has been volunteering with AMI-audio for 5 years now, and I found […]

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