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Christine Mao

Actor, Voice Over Talent, Singer and Producer

Category / AMI-audio (2013)

Saying Goodbye….

In a perfect world – budgetary issues wouldn’t exist.  People and businesses could just exist and do and be without having to worry about whether there is enough money to make ends meet.  Until then, however, we will have to continue to experience sorrow and heartache from time to time.  Such has been the case with our volunteer experience at […]

I’m your Volunteer Broadcaster Christine Mao

Along with <insert name>, I’m your Volunteer Broadcaster Christine Mao.  Thanks for listening to AMI-audio. Long gone are the days when we get to include our names with the articles that we read, but not to worry.  If you’re interested in hearing the articles that I read, you can find them by visiting the AMI […]

Reading the News One Article At A Time

I love Fridays!  Not only do Fridays signify that the weekend is on the horizon… Fridays also bring a smile to my face because that’s the day I get to take a break in my day and have some fun in the recording studio at AMI-audio. You can find my articles by selecting the Ontario Eastern location.  The […]

The New Website

Have you seen the new and improved website?  If not, I highly encourage you to do so!  It looks great!  While you’re visiting the site, take the opportunity to listen to some of the news articles that I have read: Location: Ontario Eastern March 01, 2013: ‘Hoedown Organizer Denis Benoit Releases No Info On 2013 Show […]